A little bit of background on us!

At the beginning of 2014 we decided to jump in at the deep end and turn my love for crafts into a business. We began with a bricks and mortar shop in Oxfordshire which taught me so much about the workings of a retail environment and was a great opportunity to get a feel for what it is people are looking for in the crafty world!

We recently decided to close our bricks and mortar shop in order to concentrate on growing our online presence, running a series of pop up shops and attending craft fairs with both our fabrics and my handmade items.

The business is now run from our home in Gloucestershire and I'm lucky to have the best sewing room around that's filled with over 150 fabrics...although it's starting to look more and more like a shop with every fabric delivery that arrives!

Dates and details of our forthcoming pop up shops and any craft fairs we plan to attend throughout the year can be found on the 'events' page of the website.

Thanks for all your support in our business journey so far...on with the next adventure!